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CoE Specialist Architect AI & Automation

The CoE is empowered & focused on bringing the best of Sabio CX to clients & prospects throughout the pre-sales engagement internationally. The Specialist Architect (SpA), within the CoE, collaborates with all stakeholders, across a matrix operating model , in order to drive our multi-vendor strategy & portfolio across the regions ; supporting best in class discovery, demos, designs & compelling visions.  
We help to deliver compelling client engagements and advanced service offerings by collaborating across Commercial, Product & IP ,Professional  & Managed Services   to achieve annuity, & retention growth targets.  

We engage as deep domain/subject matter experts, driving innovative Digital CX Transformation focused across Sabio’s Digital, Solutions & Insight propositions.  We empower regional pre sales consultants and architects with our deep technology experience & expertise, best practice, competitive knowledge , design patterns, demo environments,  and domain insights that deliver sustainable long term business value.  

We strive for constant performance improvement. We have a mindset of continuous Advisory & Enablement to ensure our expertise is leveraged at Scale thru repeatable Innovation, sales motions and propositions. We are recognised within Sabio as the "Hyper Specialists", making simple our complex product portfolio simple to sell and compelling for our clients 

We act with our clients first as Domain Trusted Advisors on a joint journey of success. 
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Sabio is Spanish for 'wise', and is associated with King Alfonso X 'El Sabio' (1221-1284).
The name Sabio reflects the importance we place on the quest for knowledge, achievement and embracing the benefits of the diversity.
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