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Technical Specialist

Genesys Engage Senior Technician position for Technical Support at customer. Knowledge of Verint, Avaya and SBCs/MGW is a plus.

Key Responsibilities

  • Reception, management and resolution of incidents mainly from Genesys Engage, but also from Verint, SBCs and Avaya.
  • Reception, management and resolution of user requests.
  • Classification of incidents.
  • Escalation, if necessary, to other technical teams within the client.
  • Escalation, if necessary, to manufacturer.
  • Analysis, technical design of solution to user needs.
  • Estimation of tasks.
  • Execution, development of User Stories.
  • You will be part of a rotating on-call team.

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

  • High knowledge of Genesys Engage platform.
  • Knowledge of the Verint platform.
  • Knowledge of management, modification of SBCs, MGW.
  • Knowledge of Avaya platform.
  • Knowledge of databases (Oracle, SLQ Server).
  • Knowledge of networks and packet tracing (wireshark).
  • Knowledge of SIP and VoIP protocol.
  • Experience working with agile methodologies.

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Apply now
Employment Type
Full Time
€42,000 / year
Reporting to
Nerea Igoa

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