How Addison Lee Group applied Sabio’s Voice of the Customer solution to grow CSAT and NPS

How Addison Lee Group applied Sabio’s Voice of the Customer solution to grow CSAT and NPS

Since its formation in 1975, Addison Lee Group has grown to become one of the world’s largest managed premium car services. The group now operates across some 350 cities worldwide, expanded recently with the acquisitions of Tristar and Flyte Tyme, and now completes over 10 million customer journeys a year.

The Challenge

Addison Lee Group needed a way to formalise its customer feedback activities, and wanted a more responsive approach that would allow it to capture its Voice of the Customer efficiently.

The Solution

Addison Lee engaged with Sabio to deploy its Bright Navigator post-call survey tool and to benefit from real-time customer satisfaction surveying as part of its Voice of the Customer programme.

The Results

Addison Lee Group was able to deploy Bright Navigator and accelerate its Voice of the Customer programme. Results include:

  • Consistently delivering an NPS score that’s above the UK average
  • Gaining immediate insight into key issues impacting customers
  • Being able to identify the company’s real NPS and CSAT drivers

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Outstanding CX starts with knowing what customers need and want, as well as their habits, preferences and aspirations. A Voice of the Customer solution gathers and analyses data from different touchpoints, so you can really understand your audience, and build a service they’ll keep coming back to.

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