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Today’s customers are increasingly aware of the frictionless engagement offered by digital challenger banks – and now expect all the banking and financial services firms they work with to offer similar, seamless customer journeys

For more traditional banks still hampered by inflexible legacy technology, this can be hard to deliver. Indeed the task of providing customers with increased banking personalisation while still managing the cost of customer journeys is proving difficult to achieve for many banks.

Successfully addressing these challenges requires banks to:

  • Integrate their branch, contact centre and digital engagement channels
  • Meet increasing regulatory challenges, and focus on eliminating compliance risks by locking down the CX aspects of their FCA, MiFID 2 and GDPR compliance obligations
  • Address the challenge of more agile, pure-play digital market entrants
  • Align CX experience around their brand differentiators – competitive pricing, increased personalisation, better customer journeys
  • Address customer frustration by removing friction from the cross-channel journey
  • Apply automation to streamline processes that disrupt banking customer journeys
  • Optimise contact centre demand by improving customer self-service options

Delivering streamlined banking customer journeys

Find out how some of the world’s banking and finance services firms are working with Sabio to optimise their customer experience and accelerate their digital customer journeys.

Improving service provision across four business groups for Think Money Group

think money group company logo

Optimising core customer contact and network services platforms has helped make it quicker and easier for Think Money Group’s expanding customer base to engage with the business.

Ensuring core CX platform support for Yorkshire Building Society

yorkshire buillding society company logo

Comprehensive managed service approach with clear end-to-end SLA targets gives Yorkshire Building Society comprehensive support for its mission-critical customer service technologies.

With our experience in delivering successful digital customer journey and contact centre systems to many of the financial sectors leaders, Sabio is an ideal partner to address these and other challenges. Key Sabio propositions here include:

  • Proven expertise in delivering award-winning contact centre systems
  • Customer Journey Mapping for the sector
  • Full Voice of the Customer support, with benchmarking against sector best practice, CX feedback and employee engagement feedback
  • Secure conversational front-end for digital engagement, with embedded account authentication and contact centre integration
  • Comprehensive hosted omnichannel contact centre infrastructure solutions available via Sabio’s proven assured performance model
  • Full CX compliance support across key FCA, MiFID 2 and GDPR standards requirements
  • Support for Robotic Process Automation, streamlining engagement and removing traditional back-office process inefficiencies
  • CX data insights support to anticipate evolving customer demands

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