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Are you accessing the full benefits of customer feedback from your residents? Not only can it make their life better, but for all Housing Associations and other Registered Providers it can help reduce costs, improve operating efficiency and meet Regulator of Social Housing requirements.

Let us introduce you to Sabio Navigator. It can help you collect resident feedback with impressive results:

  • Up to 20% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Performance improvement in more than 80% of customer service measures
  • 10% efficiency savings in both cost and productivity
  • 15% time and cost-saving for quality teams
  • Increased employee engagement increase in all customer-facing roles
  • A reduction in resident complaints and avoidable contacts

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Five ways Sabio gets results

1. Performance management and training

With Sabio Navigator, every employee or service provider (from contact centre staff to builders and plumbers) can see their personal feedback scores – empowering them to track their performance against their peers. Managers and team leaders can see the results for their teams, monitor performance and set objectives.

This feedback also helps anyone who speaks to residents, from maintenance to rental teams, see how they can directly contribute to positive customer experiences. The feedback can also highlight areas where further training or resources are required.

2. Employee engagement

Network Homes, based in London, found that employees were highly motivated by seeing their own feedback scores.

“Because the agents have their own performance data available to them, they have total ownership of their performance,” said Freda Owusu, Head of Customer Contact Centre. “There is immediate, real feedback and the agents are using it to their advantage. As well as being made aware of customers that were not satisfied, agents are getting access to all the positive comments that were given. It is the latter that creates a huge morale boost for the advisors, which also had a positive knock-on effect.”

3. Quickly identifying and resolving issues

Sabio Navigator’s sentiment and analytics tools wade through incoming customer feedback from different sources. They group feedback under different topics and themes so that managers can identify areas that need improvement. This may result in training for staff, an update to information on your website or a technology update, for example.

You can also set up an alerts system so that managers are notified when any high-risk or sensitive issues are raised by customers – proactively safeguarding your residents and staff, or helping to stop an issue escalating.

4. Accountability and transparency

With Sabio Navigator there is no risk that an issue will be forgotten or ignored. Every piece of feedback is assigned to a relevant team or employee, so you have an audit trail of how issues are dealt with. Staff will be fully accountable, and residents will be able to track their query.

5. Customer satisfaction scores (CSAT)

Collecting customer feedback enables you to identify improvements to your services, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction scores.

At Notting Hill Genesis, which owns or manages around 36,000 homes in the South East, performance improved in more than 80% of customer service measures with Sabio Navigator.

“We have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction scores across the board. We’ve now halved the gap between us and the national benchmark, which is a huge step forward. We’re definitely seeing quarter-on-quarter and month-on-month improvement,” said their Head of Customer Experience.

How can housing providers benefit from customer feedback?

Simon Thorpe, Head of Customer Insight Solutions at Sabio, explains.

How does resident feedback help Housing Associations meet regulatory requirements?

Sabio Navigator helps you identify ways to meet both consumer and economic regulations.

Our housing partners have seen 10% efficiency savings in both cost and productivity – including reduced call times and less calls to the contact centre for simple enquiries. Sabio Navigator also helps to streamline, monitor and evidence the complaints process.

On average, our housing customers see a full return on investment within 6 months of implementation.

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Start your journey with Sabio

Start your journey with Sabio

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