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Barclays meets the compliance challenge with voice biometrics


When a major bank such as Barclays starts using voice biometrics to streamline the authentication process when clients call into the bank, it highlights the ongoing challenge organisations face when balancing their compliance and security requirements with the need to provide a good customer experience.

Banks such as Barclays are of course always working to improve the way they service their customers, but they’re also aware that not meeting their compliance and fraud detection requirements simply isn’t an option.

Voice biometric technology – with it’s proven ability to increase ID&V effectiveness and make compliance more effective – is clearly helping Barclays achieve the right blend of compliance and security, while still enabling a seamless customer interaction. And it’s an approach that will pay for itself thanks to the agent time savings that are unlocked for each call.

At Sabio we’re convinced that voice biometrics is the right technology for solving the compliance/customer service conflict. If you want to see the solution in action, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to show how it could work for your business.


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