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The Avaya skills you need – when you need them


With organisations continuing to look to their contact centre for improvements in customer engagement across a broader range of channels, it's hardly surprising that this increased complexity has an inevitable impact on agent productivity.

Traditionally agents fielded phone calls and often responded using standard on-screen scripts depending on the call type. Today they have to deal with a range of technologies, engage across multiple channels, and are measured, increasingly, for the quality rather than the quantity of their work.

Yet despite these considerable demands, when it comes to agent training many organisations are still inclined to rely on a traditional, one-off, classroom-based approach. While initially attractive – get all your staff trained on key technologies in one go – the reality of taking large groups off the contact centre floor at the same time will inevitably impact productivity.

There’s also the reality that people of course learn in different ways and at different speeds. Having good people skills, although important, is no longer enough for an agent. Instead there’s a pressing need to demonstrate skills across different channels, interaction types and technologies.

That’s why at Sabio we’ve adopted a more holistic approach to specialist contact centre training – particularly for key technologies such as Avaya where we now offer training across almost 30 different technology areas. Using our Online Course Finder, Avaya customers can zero in on exactly the mix of technology training they require, selecting from a range of role-based options and different delivery options.

So rather than train your entire workforce at the same time and run the risk of skills leaking out of the business as people shift roles or leave, you can apply a continuous training programme that keeps agents up to speed with the right blend of Avaya skills. Agents can work at their own pace in shorter more flexible sessions, your resource planners have less of a scheduling headache, and your organisation will benefit from a rolling skills refresh.

To find out more about Avaya Training at Sabio, visit our Virtual Campus at


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