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8 steps for a best practice customer feedback process


It's now universally accepted that collecting customer feedback is one of the most important activities that should be carried out by today's customer-centric organisations.

Unfortunately though, too many customer service teams invest in technology to gather feedback but then fail to adequately respond to the valuable information that’s collected from customers and staff. MarketingWeb research states that of the 95% of organization’s that collect feedback only 10% use it and a mere 5% actually respond to it.

This is clearly a missed opportunity, particularly given that a correctly deployed feedback process can deliver real benefits in terms of optimising business processes, reacting quickly to resolve customer issues, and enhancing overall service levels. Feedback contains a wealth of information that can transform organisations and how they operate when acted on effectively.

To make the most of your customer feedback activities, Sabio’s consultancy team has formalised a set of best practice processes that ensure your business maximises the benefits you receive from your technology. These processes have been developed through years’ of experience working with award-winning contact centres that have helped transform their operations by accessing the goldmine of information locked in their customer feedback data.

As part of its Customer Feedback engagement approach, Sabio’s consultancy team focuses on a number of key questions, including: What should you really be asking your customers? What’s the right way to engage customers in order to maximise feedback uptake? How should you incorporate feedback into your performance management approach? How can you ensure that feedback gets through to the rest of the organisation?

To help address these and other questions, Sabio’s best practice customer feedback process incorporates a range of structured activities to ensure that you gain a more complete view of your customer concerns. To find out more about Sabio’s 8 steps for a best practice customer feedback process, or about our other best practice consultancy services, please get in touch at [email protected].


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