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Personality Based Routing – “Your advisors and your customers – a match made in heaven?”


In the early 1990's most call routing decisions were based on static agent groups, with manual manipulation based upon traffic arrival patterns and resourcing profiles.

Helping Hand

The advent of skills-based routing and multi-channel routing has added flexibility, automation and greater levels of alignment to customer demand. Soon there will be the potential to move forward yet again in the ever more complex quest to align the right customer contact to the right advisor with the right priority at the right cost.

Personality Based Routing is still in its infancy as a niche, costly, add-on technology, but with greater mainstream availability in the future, early-adopters could gain competitive-edge, increased sales and C-SAT gains.

Using complex algorithms to determine the optimum personality match for your advisors (this is far beyond the “Shy, Retiring type labelling!) you will be able complement the typical skills/preferences with another set of data to further refine the routing decisions made within your ACD/routing engine.

Using a number of data sources to profile your customer base – such as IVR choices, context/tone of emails, previous contacts, CRM, Demographic profiling or marketing profiles – you are able make a match between the personality fit of advisors and your customers (known or new).

At its most basic level, with multiple advisors available within GOS, the personality choice determines the final routing point of a contact. In more advanced scenarios with predictive availability, it could determine that a customer’s contact waits a little longer to connect to the right advisor, based upon their personality profile.

The benefits of this type of approach will really make a difference whatever the channel. It’s easy to imagine the types of “conversation” that could be enabled in the future. Empathetic conversations where needed, clear concise information or energetic goal-orientated exchanges – the possibilities are what makes this new capability so exciting!

As soon as the technology becomes mainstream and cost-effective, Sabio will be at the forefront of helping our customers make the right transformational decisions.


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