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Hear Rory Cellan-Jones at DISRUPT CX 2019


Leading tech correspondent to outline some of the key trends set to reshape customer behaviour over the next five years

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With less than a week to go to our DISRUPT CX 2019 conference that’s being held at London’s The Brewery on the 24th of April, I’m looking forward to our packed agenda that combines best practice input from major global brands along with deep market insight into some of the key factors that will enable the next generation of brilliant customer experiences.

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from our guest speaker – Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones – who’ll be talking about how technology is changing the world, shaping our lives and impacting changing customer behaviours.

Over a decade ago Rory was there when Steve Jobs launched the iPhone – a device that has revolutionised the way we communicate and engage in customer service. Rory was quick to spot how offering an accessible and attractive user interface would be critical to how we engage with devices and online services.

More than a decade further on and we’re all living in a very different world. I’m hoping that Rory can give us new insight into some of the technologies and trends that will be shaping our customer experience over the next few years.

To hear Rory’s perspective, come and join us at Sabio Group’s DISRUPT CX 2019 conference.

Stuart Dorman can be contacted at [email protected]


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