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Customer Experience

The CX Chat with Matt and Simon


A weekly podcast on all things Customer Experience (CX).

The CX Chat Podcast with Matt and Simon

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Asked to describe themselves….

‘Two blokes with bags of enthusiasm for CX, both with big opinions and lots of passion for the industry.’

During the podcast series they will be taking a look at the hottest topics and biggest issues faced by Customer Experience professionals right now. They’ll also be inviting some of the people who make this industry tick into the ‘pod booth’ to join the debate.

  • Listen to S1. EP1 – Emotional Connection vs Convenience – what do today’s consumers really want?
  • Listen to S1. EP2 – How much does Culture and Employee Engagement impact the Customer Experience?
  • Listen to S1. EP3 – Why Aristotle is the game changer for your business
  • Listen to S1. EP4 – Agile Service in an unprecedented environment
  • Listen to S1. EP5 – Meals for the NHS – a million pound charitable idea
  • Listen to S1. EP6 – 70% of Transformations fail – How to buck the trend
  • Listen to S1. EP7 – Is your Learning and Development team your secret weapon when trying to level-up your customer experience?
  • Listen to S1. EP8 – How a Service Design mindset can be used to build a customer contact centre that breaks all the rules
  • Listen S1. EP9 – Humanising Feedback – why the art of good storytelling could be the key to turning insight into action
  • Listen to S1. EP10 – How are CX leaders planning for the recession?

Join the discussion on Twitter #TheCXChat @MattDDyer @SimonThorpe100

You can also get in touch via email [email protected] or [email protected]

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