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Capture 100% of your caller journeys with Rapport

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Capture 100% of your caller journeys with Rapport

Almost every organisation claims to offer a great customer journey because they’re focused on the defined segment of the customer experience that’s measured within the contact centre. But what about the unanswered calls? The ones that don’t even get to this stage?

At Sabio we believe that all customer experiences should be excellent, which means you’ve also got to focus on the 20% of customer interactions that don’t even get through to your agents.

Rapport is a powerful data-driven insights service and SaaS dashboard solution that captures 100% of all customer attempts to engage with your brand.

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Brochure highlights include:

  • Identifying hidden Customer Journey issues
  • Uncovering the contacts you never see
  • Unlocking critical customer service improvements
  • Rapport Voice Insights
  • Contact Centre Dashboard
  • Media Performance Dashboard

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