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Co-op turn conversations into insights

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Co-op turn conversations into insights

Bright’s customer, Co-op, turned conversations into insights and won best Voice of the Customer award at the ECCCSAs. The Co-op is a British consumer co-operative with a diverse family of retail businesses owned by 4 million active members.

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The Challenge

The Co-op was on a journey to service excellence. They wanted to build on valued relationships with customers and members and turn their one million plus customer conversations per year into insights that could help shape a better Co-op. They were looking for a solution to work alongside the existing Salesforce CRM that would enable CSAT to become the team’s lead KPI for stakeholder and adviser engagement, and to enable continuous improvement and service recovery activities.

The Solution

First, benchmarking the contact centre against Bright Index delivered a line in the sand to report performance to the Executives. The Co-op then implemented Bright Navigator to continuously gather customer feedback.


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