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Integrated Workforce Optimisation Environment for Office Depot

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Integrated Workforce Optimisation Environment for Office Depot

Office Depot, the major global supplier of office products and services, has secured multiple savings and new found efficiencies.

Office Depot is achieving better results than ever, through the application of an integrated contact centre technology refresh. This includes a Workforce Optimisation deployment approach featuring workforce management, quality monitoring, scorecards and powerful speech analytics capabilities.

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Operational Challenge

Office Depot needed to improve the performance of its contact centre operation if it was to support the performance of its critical Viking and Office Depot sales operations. This would require a comprehensive infrastructure refresh.

Sabio Solution

Office Depot selected Sabio to implement a Verint Impact 360 solution for a multi-phased rollout of its unified, analytics-driven workforce optimisation strategy.

Results Delivered

  • Agent adherence has risen from 65% to 90%
  • Better control over outsourced operations through ACD and WFM integration
  • Resource management savings unlock opportunity to pursue ‘voice of the customer’ initiatives with Customer Feedback and Speech Analytics projects
  • Over a million calls already logged in Office Depot’s Impact 360 Speech Analytics engine

Download the Case Study

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