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Placing messaging at the heart of your Customer Engagement Strategy

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Placing messaging at the heart of your Customer Engagement Strategy

When it comes to developing intelligent messaging strategies that strike exactly the right balance between customer effort and cost-effectiveness, you need to be working with a specialist partner that’s able to address all your business, usability and technical challenges.

At Sabio we understand the key role that operational messaging technologies such as SMS outreach, webchat and social messaging play in impacting the customer experience.

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However, no matter how impressive the different messaging technology approaches involved, these can only prove successful if they’re part of an intelligently crafted customer journey that’s consistent across a mix of channels.

1. Messaging core to successful customer engagement strategies

For customer experience professionals busy crafting multi-channel journeys for their customers, it’s critical that actual consumer usage patterns are placed at the heart of any strategy.

Recent Deloitte research, for example, found that 22% of smartphone users had already stopped using their devices to make calls – a proportion that has doubled since 2012. At the same time, Deloitte found that the use of instant messaging had almost tripled from 27% in 2012 to 59% last year. And in terms of messaging platforms, SMS remains the most popular, closely followed by instant messaging, email and social networks.

Deloitte’s Mobile UK Consumer survey particularly highlighted the momentum behind Instant Messaging, with 46% of respondents already using IM services – a number up 15% on the previous year. As consumers we know that when we reach for our smartphones it’s to check messages, social media updates or emails. It’s become an almost instinctive impulse, and – consequently – one that means that effective messaging needs to sit at the heart of any successful customer engagement strategy.

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  1. Why messaging is core to any successful customer engagement strategy
  2. Exponential growth in global messaging
  3. More than just a messaging app?
  4. Engaging with customers through communication threads
  5. Messaging at the core of next generation conversational commerce
    – key role of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Intelligent Assistants and AI Chatbots in driving best practice messaging engagement
  6. Enabling an agile Digital Front Door strategy that embraces multiple messaging approaches
  7. Adopting a more proactive approach to customer outreach
  8. Putting proactive messaging at the heart of your contact strategy with Sabio
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Start your journey with Sabio

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