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Rapport – Improve your Advertising ROI

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Rapport – Improve your Advertising ROI

It’s typically hard for Marketing departments to match sales with the specific campaigns that generated them. However, Sales and Marketing teams can identify exactly where to spend their DR budgets, without the requirement for expensive additional telephony solutions.

Rapport gives Marketing teams what they need most: accurate, up-to-date response reporting at their fingertips, with overall campaign performance for each test cell updated automatically each day.

Key Rapport highlights for optimising campaign performance include:
  • Proven algorithms that generate Cost per Call, Cost per Unique Caller and Cost per Sale
  • Measuring individual callers (rather than calls) leads to significantly improved ROI
  • Range of specialist DR marketing packages – DRTV, Press, Inserts, Door Drops, Directories and Direct Mail
  • Rapport’ forecasting tool features built-in response curves and algorithms to improve Marketing forecasts and save time
  • Auto-generated Call forecasts tracked against actual calls on a daily basis

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