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Three – Creating powerful arguments for change by benchmarking performance

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3 is the fastest growing mobile network in the country, which now covers more than 97% of the UK’s population. Known as the ‘network for the Internet’, 3 specialises in making it easy to access apps, websites, and streaming content from the comfort of your smartphone.

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The Challenge

Senior management wanted to establish if the Contact Centre was operating at optimum performance but a lack of insight led to decisions being taken based on opinion.

The Solution

Sabio Index was employed to compare over 60 operational metrics, such as speed of answer and IVR journey time, with other organisations across the country. This allowed the management team to have an objective view of what good looks like.

The Result

The direct impact of using Sabio Index has:

  • Allowed senior management to prioritise initiatives based on customer impact
  • Driven down self-service journey times to being some of the best in the country
  • Sustained improvements to NPS and First Contact Resolution rates as a result of operational changes
  • Led to £millions in savings thanks to a reduction in incoming calls and call transfers

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