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Voice Biometrics goes Mainstream

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Voice Biometrics goes Mainstream

Find out how the latest voice biometric technologies can successfully balance security needs while still enabling a high quality customer experience.

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As consumers we actively dislike the pressure of creating and remembering our usernames and passwords, and struggle especially when we have to remember multiple passwords and PINs. SplashData research shows just how bad we are at this. In its 2015 evaluation of North American and Western European users, the three most commonly used passwords were still 123456, password and 12345678. Leaving aside numerical sequences, other Top 20 highlights include qwerty, football, baseball, welcome, monkey and princess. So while we all pay lip service to data security, as individuals we’re still poor at making things difficult for fraudsters.

That’s where the latest biometric technologies can help, enabling customers to be verified based on their unique physical characteristics – whether it’s their voice, fingerprint, face or iris. Identifying customers with biometrics provides the strongest levels of identity assurance, and – when compared to traditional PINs and passwords – offers significantly reduced exposure to fraud across the full range of criteria including theft, guessing, eavesdropping, hacking, phishing, vishing, smishing, credential sharing and social engineering.

With a track record of over a decade delivering successful speech-enabled solutions to leading organisations, Sabio’s market-leading team of natural language speech recognition voice self-service, user experience design and security specialists is ideally placed to bring best practice expertise to your voice biometrics project.

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  1. Introduction – fraudsters stepping up their game
  2. Moving beyond traditional passwords
  3. Improving the user experience and reducing security risks through voice biometrics
  4. Assessing different voice biometric approaches
  5. Voice biometrics in action – unlocking cost and security benefits
  6. Identifying key future voice biometrics opportunities
  7. Sabio – supporting voice biometric deployments with a comprehensive services wrap
Start your journey with Sabio

Start your journey with Sabio

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