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Discussing Internal Change Management for Contact Centre


In a recent email I asked contacts what they thought about our recent peer research (2013 Top Challenges Infographic) which reveals that the greatest challenge for contact centre management is not directly about technology or even the customer... it's the struggle to effect internal change.

This conclusion definitely matches what Sabio continues to see across the industry and I would very much like to hear anything you can share on how the current research compares with the top challenges that you see for contact centres in 2013.

Head of Contact Centre Operations Steve Franklin wrote to me:

Hi Stuart,

I would agree that affecting internal change is probably the biggest challenge faced currently. With the recent advances in technology there are now many more options for call centres to implement new solutions at a relatively low cost.

Two great examples of this are the advent of cloud based ACD and WFM solutions. Traditionally, these were expensive infrastructure investments that were only really viable for larger call centres or outsourcers. Now, even the smallest call centres can get advanced telephony or WFM functionality on a “pay as you go” model.

Therefore, getting the go ahead to spend on technology is no longer quite such the daunting exercise it once was. However, I believe this easy access to new technology is forcing businesses to confront some home truths in terms of performance, as it’s no longer possible to hide behind “My operation would be more efficient, if only I had the latest…………”.

Internal change by its nature is the most difficult and painful, as in order to embrace it, you have to accept the fact your organisation is currently doing something wrong. This is especially true where the change impacts across several departments, as you then need to build a consensus on the need for change, which again means people accepting that something is wrong with the way things are currently done.

I’m constantly asked by stakeholders “If we buy X, when can we expect the improvements to start”. The reality is that whilst technology can be an enabler, it is rarely the complete solution.

E.g. If you’re a terrible driver and keep crashing, buying a Ferrari will not make you a better driver, it will just mean you crash quicker. However, it’s much more comforting to think the car is the reason you are crashing, than to confront the fact you may need some more lessons.

All of which is a long winded way of saying that I believe part of what makes internal change so challenging for organisations is accepting the need for change in the first place.

Hope that helps. I would indeed be interested in taking part in future benchmark exercises and results.

Many thanks,


What do you think? Drop your thoughts in my email [email protected].


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