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Moving towards a more dynamic routing approach with Avaya Business Advocate


With customer service expectations continuing to rise, it's even more important for organisations to route interactions correctly to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.

Often in the contact centre when things start getting really busy, you’ll see managers rushing round, getting more people on to the phones and moving agents between queues. Unfortunately, regardless of how good your managers are, it’s unlikely that they’re ever going to be able to react quickly enough. Indeed this kind of kneejerk response often does as much harm as good.

By far the best solution is to make sure you never get to the stage where service levels start being impacted. Deploying skills-based routing of course helps, but there’s a lot more organisations can now do when it comes to achieving more intelligent call routing.

A great start is to take the information you already have about the caller – such as recognising who they are from their phone number and cross-referencing that to find out their recent interactions with your business – and use that to route more effectively. For example, if I’ve called recently and I’m ringing again, the chances are that I’ve got an issue that wasn’t resolved successfully last time I got in touch, and my call should be prioritised.

Applying this kind of intelligence can make a big difference, but users of Avaya’s Communications Manager 6 platform can go even further by taking advantage of the Business Advocate functionality now included in the latest version of the software.

Business Advocate helps organisations switch from static routing to a much more dynamic approach. It lets you foresee events that could impact service – and respond automatically in real time. It’s a solution that promises a whole new level of control – in much the same way that active traffic management can make satnav systems much more effective.

Given its powerful capabilities – and the fact that many businesses already have access to Business Advocate through their Communication Manager platform – we’re surprised that more Avaya customers haven’t yet put Business Advocate to work. Its ability to fine tune routing according to traffic volumes is already delivering benefits for many Sabio customers.

Working with Sabio, organisations such as BGL Group have activated Business Advocate and found that it is helping ensure more consistent service levels and resource allocation across the group’s different insurance lines.

For Avaya Communication Manager 6 customers looking for an immediate quick win for 2014 – Business Advocate is a smart choice, and I’d encourage you to get in touch with Sabio to find out how we can implement Business Advocate for your operation.

For more information about using Business Advocate for intelligent routing and workforce management, please get in touch at [email protected].


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