The role of the service advisor has changed forever

The #1 trends in CX that nobody is talking about... advisor attrition and advisor burnout. 

The role of the service advisor has changed forever

The growth of automation and self-service technology is helping organisations serve their customers the way they want to engage. But have we stopped to consider the impact this is having on our service advisors?

Without the simple, repetitive tasks that are now handled by self-service applications, service advisors are dealing with more complex, emotional and urgent customer interactions than ever before. Plus the average handling time of these interactions are increasing too. Combine this with remote working imposed by the global pandemic, which may be making service advisors feel isolated; we're now seeing an increase in poor mental health and well-being. 

It's time to really care

Capture data from the contact centre platforms and combine this with data from the Microsoft ecosystem and your HR system to gain incredibly valuable insights. Plus allow your agents to give their input on how they are feeling, allowing you to understand their wellness, emotions, stresses and how positive boosts impact their day.

The outcome

  • Highly engaged & truly supported agents
  • An organisation that cares for its team
  • Reduced absence by up to 5% within 12 months
  • Reduced attrition by up to 5% within 12 months

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