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Aura Messaging Essentials

The Aura Messaging Essentials course is designed to fully train students with the functionality provided by the Avaya Aura Messaging voicemail service.

The short video below highlights the benefits of Computer Based Training. To request a trial of the Aura Messaging Essentials self-paced course, email [email protected] we will be in touch via with the details.

Lesson 1

  • Introductions
  • Overview of session
  • Logging in to your mailbox with the TUI
  • Setting your access PIN
  • Recording and setting greetings
  • Navigate and Retrieve your voicemails
  • Manage voicemails – delete, retain, forward
  • Log out of voicemail
  • Accessing your voicemail remotely

Lesson 2 – Dependant on type of integration to email client, if any

  • Accessing your mailbox using Outlook
  • Retrieve your voicemails via PC
  • Manage voicemails – delete, retain, forward via PC
  • Modify your Reach Me and Notify Me settings via Web console
  • Accessing your voicemails remotely via mobile device (may not be applicable in all cases)

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