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Managing the Out Of Hours Customer Experience

Course code 99-01
Level 2 Supervisor / Superuser
Duration 2 days
Class size 6

This short course is designed to enhance communication skills needed by the client's support team whilst managing their customers' experience of out of hours support.

Lesson 1: Why manage the customer experience?

This highlights the reasons for the skills covered on this course and reflects on the value of managing the customer experience from the point of view of the business, the customer and the delegate. We will draw out the major areas the delegates would like to address, being careful to manage expectations and identify differing areas of influence.

Lesson 2: Identification of key customer touchpoints

Throughout the support process there are moments at which the customer experience can be enhanced or made worse. These will be explored, along with the likely result of certain behaviours.

Lesson 3: Managing the customer experience

This section takes the skills needed during out of hours support and gives the delegates a level of confidence in using each of them. This will be done through learning and practice. The skills are listed below.

Lesson 4: The customer and their drivers

This lesson begins the journey to offering better service by gaining parity of thinking and understanding from the team around who their customers are, what customers needs, wants and aspirations are regarding the service and what the organisation requires. This will then build the team’s commitment to delivering high levels of service within a customer focused environment.

Lesson 5: Telephone communication

Understanding how communication works and why it is so important that it is a key building block of Customer Relationship Management. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the communication process, why communicating by telephone is more complex than face to face and be able to recognise the drivers and inhibitors to effective communication.

Lesson 6: Data gathering

This lesson will examine the data that needs to be gathered at certain stages in the process and how this can be done most effectively. It looks at the different requirements for gathering data from technical and non-technical people.

Day 2:

Lesson 7: Influencing skills

In the middle of a pressurised situation, it is easy to forget how much influence the support person has on the eventual outcome of the situation. This lesson will reinforce the skills that can be used to effectively influence customers.

Lesson 8: Keeping the customer informed

The support role involves the management of many different elements, including talking to third parties and other members of the client’s team. The need to keep the customer informed, including why and how it will influence the eventual outcome of the situation is explored in this section.

Lesson 9: Understanding the call structure

This lesson explores the importance of a call structure, looking at each element in turn.

  • The Welcome: The first element covers the initial part of any customer interaction and how to maximise this moment of truth.
  • The Find Out: The second call structure element demonstrates the need for effective questioning skills to determine customer needs and wants.
  • The Show How: In this element you will address needs and wants and the actions to be taken by both parties. Customers have questions which are dealt with by defining and refining.
  • The Close: In this element the customer agrees to actions and understands how this part of the support is ending.

Lesson 10: Maintaining the customer relationship

This lesson focuses on the on-going nature of customer support and examines how customer relationships can be maintained even when the customer has had a bad experience or needs to be communicated information that they do not want to hear.

Class Wrap-Up

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