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Performance Management Administration Essentials

Course code 12-10
Level 3 Administrator
Duration 2 days
Class size 6

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to building and administering powerful scorecards and will train students of creating new source measures,

  • Lesson 1: Scorecards overview and Navigation
  •  Lesson 2: Working with roles and privileges
  • Lesson 3: Scorecard configuration
    • Working with data sources
    •  Source systems and source measures
    • Core source systems
    • Editing source measures
    •  Creating new source measures
    •  Quality Measure
    • Adherence measure
    • External measures

Day 2:

  • Lesson 4: Setting up scorecards
    • Importing KPI’s
    •  Creating new KPI’s
    •  Creating
    • Goal Setting
  • Lesson 5: KPI Gadget configuration (Optional)
    • Lesson 6: Assessment values

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