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Recorder Administration Essentials

Course code 13-10
Level 3 Administrator
Duration 1.5 days
Class size 6

This course is targeted at individuals responsible for technical aspects of Telephony and Workforce Optimisation for your organisation and administer recording.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the ACR V15 Recorder
• What’s New
• What components make up the recording suite?
• What technologies are using with WFO
• What databases are used for v15.1 Recording
• What infrastructure a Recorder needs to record media
• Types of Recording TDM, IP, SIP and Screen

Lesson 2: Functional Features of Recorder
• Status Summary
• System Management
• Operations
• Alarms
• General Setup

Lesson 3: Recording Management in the Framework
• Data-sources Types
• Data-source member groups
• Data-source Phones
• Data-source Screens
• Data-source Agents
• User Profiles & Data-sources
• Recording Rules
• Recording Tagging

Lesson 4: Logging & Alarms
• Information Collector
• Log Viewer
• Log Manger
• Alarms
• Event Viewer

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting
• Tagging issues
• Recording issues
• QM Recording issues
• QM Adapters

Lesson 6: ACR Archiving**
• Archive Process
• Archive Setup

Lesson 7: Pause & Resume**
• P&R Overview
• P&R Admin Setup

(** Optional Lessons)

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