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Training delivered the way you want it

Wide range of training solutions to meet your own learning preferences

All organisations are different, so we’ve designed our Sabio Training courses so that they can be delivered in exactly the format that works best for your business. For some this means traditional on site classrooms, others prefer self-paced computer based training (CBT) or learning in virtual classrooms the online Sabio Virtual Campus. We also offer a calendar of Open Public Courses.

Each course has been designed to enable your people to learn the way that suits them either through traditional on site classrooms, self-paced computer based training (CBT), virtual classrooms via the online Sabio Virtual Campus or through Open Public Courses.

Sabio Training also recognises that best practice customer service and team management skills have to be learnt. They’re not simply inherited when someone takes on a new role. To help address this, Sabio partners with Mercury Customer Management in order to offer an exciting and distinctive range of Contact Centre Professional training options.

So whether you are looking to develop your advisors’ customer service skills, or develop the best team leaders in your sector through our Certified Team Leader program, Sabio Training can help.

Classroom Based Training

Classroom training offers the advantage of absolute focused, team learning where peers can openly discuss the material and direct access to the instructor.

Online Virtual Classroom

Internet technology has made a significant impact on the learning industry. Training within a virtual environment offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional classroom training.

Open Public Courses

Sabio's open public training courses provide an ideal complement to your onsite or CBT based training program.

Self-paced Computer Based Training

Computer-based training offers many benefits over traditional class room training, It can be effective and cost efficient -- in some situations.


Start your journey with Sabio

Start your journey with Sabio

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