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Computer-based training offers many benefits over traditional class room training, It can be effective and cost efficient — in some situations.

Some of the benefits include:

  • CBT is cost effective. With training starting from a little as £4.5 per agent, computer based offers a cost effective alternative to traditional class room training, what’s more after the initial cost of training you students continue to have access to the training 24hrs per day.
  • CBT works well. With computer based training the trainee is in control. Our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging and provide high levels of trainee satisfaction.
  • CBT is self-paced, flexible, and individualized. Sabio CBT’s allows trainees to train at their own pace, designed so that each lesson lasts around 15 minutes; trainees can work around their busy schedules. CBT can reach trainees outside of the traditional classroom, providing instructions on the Job or even at home.
  • CBT gives trainers increased control over training activities. All Sabio CBT training allows course managers to proactively monitor trainee progress in real time. With role specific testing you can have confidence that upon successfully completing a Sabio CBT, all trainees will have successfully mastered new skills and will have the confidence and ability to really use the solution.

So regardless of if you are considering Computer Based Training on its own or as part of a blended training solution from Sabio, why not request a free trial today?

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Start your journey with Sabio

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