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Optimising staff performance with skills training

Enabling effective Team Leadership and Performance Management

Are your people the weakest link, or your biggest asset?

Sabio Training has teamed up with Mercury Customer Management to develop a unique training program designed to develop your staff and ensure that you get the best from your most important contact centre asset.

Whether you are looking to develop your advisors customer service skills or you are looking to develop the best team leaders in your sector through our Certified Team Leader program, Sabio can help.

  • Managing Team Performance
  • Effective Team Leadership

Sabio can provide training to develop a variety of contact centre skills, including:

Customer Service Training
For contact centre staff, incorporating skills training, systems training and product/service training.

Basic or Advanced Sales Skills
Training for sales staff at basic and advanced levels where selling is the primary function of the team.

Commercial Awareness
Financial based training for junior and middle management, so they can read balance sheets; profit and loss accounts and understand the financial drivers for their company and in their own areas of responsibility.

Personal Financial Awareness
A ground-breaking course that companies can use to increase their employees engagement and loyalty. This course teaches delegates how to spend their salary more wisely and make their money stretch further each month.

Coaching and Feedback Skills
Many team leaders and junior managers are promoted into roles that involve significant amounts of coaching and the giving of feedback, without ever being trained or taught how to maximise their personal impact. This course delivers those key skills for such managers.

Certified Team Leader
This course takes team leaders through a mentoring and training programme designed to equip them fully for their diverse role. Both existing team leaders and potential future team leaders can benefit from this training course.

Contact Centre Management Skills
A mentoring programme for the manager who has found themselves in charge of a contact centre, without the training or experience to feel comfortable in their role.

Mentoring is provided by an experienced operational contact centre manager/consultant and the programme is tailored to the needs of the individual and company circumstances.

Letter and Email Writing Skills
It is not uncommon for contact centre workers to struggle with written communication. This course will help staff that interact with customers through written communications to do a better job. It will also identify individuals who should just concentrate on verbal communications.

All of our courses are designed to be fun, engaging, instructive and practical. Delegates will enjoy a high degree of interaction with the trainers, all of whom have been actively engaged in the contact centre world for many years, with the experience, skills and scars to prove it!

Contact us at [email protected] for more details of any of our courses or to discuss your specific needs.

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Start your journey with Sabio

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