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Building the future of Communicationws

Genesys delivers more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in over 100 countries. Sabio is Europe’s leading Genesys partner, operating the largest Genesys support organisation in Europe. 
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    Sabio is known for its ability to deliver Genesys solutions that solve complex customer challenges. As part of the Genesys family, Sabio has access to some of the most compelling Customer Experience solutions to help you realise your CX strategy. 

    Success Management – real success is the ability to fully exploit technology to improve your sales, customer service and productivity. We create a standardised set of best practices for MI, quality, planning, AI, routing and channel management. 

    Consultancy – Sabio’s true strength lies in our people; from customer service design to implementation we attract and retain the best talent who help businesses to leverage the latest contact centre technology in the most reliable and efficient way. 

    Global Market Leading CX Systems Integrator – Sabio’s unique IP means that we have the best tools as well as the most experience in delivering desired outcomes, underpinned by global support. 

    Genesys Cloud provides cutting edge capabilities, integrations and features across multiple tiers of pricing. As a leading Genesys Gold partner, Sabio can help you to turn the features of their platform into visible customer benefits. Improve customer experience within the IVR by personalising self-service, identifying and verifying customers, and capturing payments. 

    Our AI experts build AI-assisted chat and voice and solutions that automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to agents when needed. We can also empower agents with AI assistance, thus improving KPIs and business outcomes. 

    Sabio offers design and set-up support for the broad range of analytics and monitoring solutions which provide the necessary data to drive decision making and solve complex problems. With the power of these technologies on the Genesys omnichannel platform, agents can manage and share information within a single call using multimedia tools in real-time to resolve issues in the first call resulting in cost savings and improved customer experience. 


    Why Choose Sabio?

    Sabio Avaya support and maintenance provides;

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    Full Avaya Oceana Accreditation

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    The best support team and product specialists in the business

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    2019 Customer Satisfaction Score 4.7/5

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