Can someone please just explain the cloud to me?

As individuals we’re all comfortable with using many different global cloud services every day via our smartphones, so it’s surprising how often the Sabio Solutions team still gets asked the following question: can someone please just explain the cloud to me?

Can someone please just explain the cloud to me?

At this stage it’s really easy to get dragged into an in-depth discussion around cloud strategy and the many different deployment, functionality and security options available. That’s an important discussion to have, but it’s one where the answers will become much clearer once you’ve decided where exactly your CX platform fits in your broader cloud journey.

Of course you’ll need to make sure that your cloud solution is secure, always-on and can scale to meet demand and adopt new services as and when required. And when deployed correctly, you can typically secure a cost of ownership from cloud that’s around 20% lower than traditional on-premise solutions. Your finance team will also appreciate this approach as IT budgets become much more predictable.

However, it’s also important to understand that preparing your CX infrastructure for the cloud isn’t just about the technology. Sure, it’s about establishing a future-proof customer experience platform, but it’s also about having a platform that truly supports the end-to-end customer journey.

Brilliant CX hinges upon your ability to react to the needs of your customers. Not just when things are going well, but also when things might break down between your digital channels and your contact centre. Having a cloud platform alone won’t necessarily help you, but if you can intertwine a migration to the cloud with a true, cross-channel customer journey capability using intelligent analytics, data and insight services then you’re much more likely to be able to help your customers. Combining a technical migration to the cloud with a CX strategy is a key moment of opportunity.

Similarly, you’ve also got to understand the need to bridge the gap between your self-service and assisted service channels. Get this right and you’ll be able to deliver seamless engagement across your entire, cloud-enabled customer journey. Cloud will help you achieve this.

Preparing your business for the cloud also requires a shift in mindset. Supporting your CX requirements with an agile, scalable and flexible platform is of course smart, but you also need to seize the opportunity from the transition to cloud to secure step change improvements in your CX delivery. Now is the time…

The Sabio CX Platform provides a foundation for your transition to cloud and the transformation of your customer experience operations. It’s a platform that enables you to look beyond the technology to focus on key outcomes such as delivering a brilliant customer experience – each and every time.

We’ll be discussing how you can plan your cloud journey and establish a future-proof customer experience platform next week at DISRUPT CX 2019, Sabio’s major CX event being held at London’s The Brewery on the 24th of April.

James Hughes can be contacted at [email protected]

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