Career Development Journey - Director of CX Strategy

Career Development Journey - Director of CX Strategy

What attracted you to Sabio group? 

I've been at Sabio for a while now but what attracted me hasn’t changed. I loved what they stood for in terms of their core values and our drive to have the best people in the business working for us.

Tell us about your career journey at Sabio? 

I've spent my whole time at Sabio in our Managed Services Organisation. I started my career on our Service Desk and then moved onto being a Technical Specialist. From there I moved into operations management and have managed a number of teams in support. I spent 2 years working in transition management and then more recently I managed our private cloud proposition in Support. I'm now moving onto my next adventure in Sabio which is owning and managing how we provide support to our customers and the experience they receive when the interact with us in support. 

Tell us about your role? 

I'm about to start my next role in Sabio which is going to be owning and managing our move to Service Now CSM which is going to be key in how we provide and deliver our service to our customers. I have a huge passion for providing the best experience for our customers and how they interact with us so my new role is going drive improvements in this area to provide the best customer experience that we can from support which is often when our customers need us the most. When something isn’t working or hasn’t gone right, making sure you can contact us as quickly and painlessly as possibly is key to making sure your experience is a good one.  

What’s your Sabio highlight? 

Having been here for a while there are so many things that have been highlights in my time in Sabio but by far the biggest privilege has been my time line managing and leading the teams that I have. I always get a rush seeing those people that I managed do well and grow and develop their own careers. I've also had an active role in promoting equality and diversity and wellbeing particularly around women in tech and how we can help Sabio grow and develop more in this area. 

What do you enjoy the most about Sabio? 

Two things I would say are our people and the opportunities that Sabio provides. We have a hugely talented group of people who work for us and its brilliant to get to work beside those people every day. And secondly the opportunities that Sabio has provided and continues to provide. As we grow and develop as a company, that has opened up lots of great opportunities for our people to develop into. The continued drive for Learning and Development is great to see and be a part of.

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