Cut through the cloud confusion with Avaya Subscription

The last few years have seen an unprecedented pivot towards digital service delivery. With most interactions now beginning with some form of digital customer experience, leading brands increasingly recognise that initial engagement must be backed up by deep integration across their end-to-end customer journeys.

Cut through the cloud confusion with Avaya Subscription

This is particularly the case for organisations looking to differentiate through customer service. Customers expect consistent, predictable service, and will reward those brands where engagement is friction-free, and their issues are resolved quickly. For CX teams focused on delivering against these expectations, there will be increased pressure to compose and deliver effortless experiences that customers now expect.

Finding the right technology pathway 

However achieving this is easier said than done. Organisations often find themselves frustrated and held back by their legacy technology, making it particularly hard to find the right technology adoption pathway for the latest cloud-based contact centre solutions.  

Sabio can unlock your journey to the cloud with the enablement support of the Avaya subscription licensing model Find out more.

With innovation widely acknowledged as the key to successful CX, a combination of significant technical debt, complex estate management and restrictive licencing models presents a significant barrier for brands keen to evolve their contact centre infrastructure. This can be a particular challenge when it comes to transitioning towards cloud contact centre solutions that are underpinned by subscription-based licensing models.

Simplifying your Cloud journey with Sabio

At Sabio we’re focused on helping customer service organisations to unlock their journey to the cloud. This is a particular concern for organisations with Avaya on-premise contact centre systems who are keen to progress towards a full SaaS-based CX solution - that can help drive their own digital transformation. Already Avaya Aura 8 has reached end of sale, while they have also seen 10% list price increases, the removal of term discounts last month, and face end of manufacturer support in calendar Q1 2023. 
These developments will see some increased short-term costs, as well as supportability and potential security issues for Avaya on-premise customers. Perhaps more concerning though is the barrier that such legacy systems can impose on innovation, making the transition to cloud and automation either more costly or much more complex.  
Clearly, it’s important for vendors such as Avaya to keep evolving their portfolio over time. Just as we have seen the core capability shift from core voice towards digital CX & automation, we’re also tracking the move from perpetual to subscription-based licencing as the latest iteration in Avaya’s evolution.

Unlocking Avaya innovation with Avaya Subscription

It's with these concerns in mind that Sabio has moved quickly to support customers with the Avaya Subscription migration strategy programme. We offer clients a clear pathway towards full SaaS-based CX (CCaaS) and digital transformation solutions. Taking the Avaya Subscription offer as our base, Sabio has worked to create a focused cloud contact centre pathway – one that unlocks real flexibility, innovation and improved support options for your business. 
Replacing the traditional perpetual licensing model with an ongoing OpEx licence releases significant commercial, functional and feature benefits for Sabio customers, including: 

  • A three-year extension for your current Avaya technology to maximise investment 
  • Continued access to Avaya’s latest software release to ensure security and supportability 
  • Access to the extensible Avaya Workspaces agent desktop framework 
  • Provision of IVR ports to access Google DialogFlow and the Google CCAI contact centre AI platform 
  • A 20% burst capacity to support seasonal demand variations 
  • Remote worker enablement delivered as standard for all licenced agents 

Sabio’s Avaya Subscription offer provides a powerful mechanism for making the transition from Avaya On-Premise to cloud, while also supporting estate modernisation and enabling a gateway to the comprehensive Sabio OnDemand private and hybrid cloud managed solutions. 
Our Avaya Subscription offer also includes the option of major Customer Experience innovation opportunities, including access to additional Sabio products and services such as Intent Capture & Analysis, Proactive Contact Centre Monitoring, Proactive Patching Managed Service Wrapper, Avaya Aura Platform Lifecycle Upgrades, as well as the ability to explore a series of consultancy opportunities ranging from CX Cloud Migration Strategy to Agent Well-Being Discovery. 

If you’re interested in embracing flexibility and driving innovation through an Avaya subscription, then get in touch today to learn more about our innovative Avaya subscription offer.  

Alternatively, you can download our Avaya subscription flyer

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