How Benenden Health Transformed Member Experiences alongside Sabio’s specialists

Founded in 1905, Benenden Health provides affordable healthcare services to over 860,000 members across the UK.  

How Benenden Health Transformed Member Experiences alongside Sabio’s specialists

But as demand grew and its member base diversified, this nonprofit mutual realised it needed to upgrade its customer contact infrastructure to continue delivering exceptional service. 

By implementing an innovative CX platform from Genesys Cloud with support and guidance from our specialists here at Sabio, Benenden gained capabilities to unify member interactions, tap data for personalisation, and meet rising expectations – resulting in sky-high satisfaction scores. 

Outgrowing Legacy Systems 

To adapt to changing member demographics and preferences, Benenden aimed to support multichannel engagement. This required integrating data systems across business units to enable consistent omnichannel experiences. 

Their legacy on-premises setup was fragmented, expensive to maintain, and limited in terms of scalability and flexibility. It prevented teams from gaining a unified member view or quickly launching new digital channels. 

Benenden needed customer contact systems as cutting-edge as their healthcare services. The mutual selected Sabio to help deploy a transformational cloud-based solution. 

Consolidating on Genesys Cloud 

The Genesys Cloud CX platform consolidated all member interactions into a single architecture. Key capabilities include: 

  • Omnichannel routing – Phone, email, chat, messaging, and social media are unified. 

  • Skills-based matching – Route members to advisors based on expertise. 

  • AI and automation – Bots handle common requests to boost efficiency. 

  • Analytics – Gain actionable insights from member data. 

  • Open APIs – Tight integration with existing systems across the mutual's footprint. 

Benenden Health can also now roll out innovations to match rising member expectations. 

Delivering Personalised Omnichannel Experiences 

Benenden Health has since transformed experiences across every step of the member lifecycle, including: 

  • New Member Onboarding – Welcome kits sent via SMS with links to the member app for service requests. 

  • Appointments – Reminders and confirmations via push notification and text. 

  • Ongoing Support – An AI-powered chatbot handles common queries in the app. 

  • Feedback – Post-interaction surveys gauge satisfaction across service channels. 

With data unified in one platform, advisors can also gain access to complete interaction histories to offer personalised care. The mix of digital capabilities and human touch delights existing members while attracting new ones – resulting in sky-high member satisfaction. 

Early results show Genesys Cloud supercharging the member experience at Benenden Health: 

  • 8.8+/10 satisfaction scores consistently achieved 

  • 73% of new members join through digital channels 

  • Lower IT costs by consolidating tech footprint 

  • Advisors empowered with comprehensive member view 

  • Tight coordination between society and hospital 

With our help, Benenden has laid the foundations to continually adapt its CX approach based on how member expectations evolve in the future. The cutting-edge platform makes it easier than ever for the mutual to deliver on its mission of providing accessible, affordable healthcare. 

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