Sabio Group’s Genesys Cloud Customer Experience Community Day: A Recap

Wednesday, 13th September was a hallmark day for the customer experience (CX) community as Sabio Group's HQ in London played host to its dedicated Genesys Cloud CX session.  

Sabio Group’s Genesys Cloud Customer Experience Community Day: A Recap

Tailored specifically for Operations and IT specialists, Contact Centre Team Leaders and Managers, the event was an insightful nexus of industry experts and like-minded professionals discussing the future of CX. 

The air was thick with anticipation as attendees gathered to discuss the Genesys Cloud roadmap – understanding new features, functionalities, and how these can revolutionise the contact centre environment. It's no secret that the landscape of CX is ever-evolving, and the chance to be on the cutting-edge of these changes was an exciting prospect for all in attendance. 

Sabio Group’s Chief Innovation Officer, Stuart Dorman, took the helm at the start of the event. He embarked on a journey through current market trends, forecasting what the future has in store for CX. His keen insights provided attendees with a comprehensive view of where the industry is headed and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

However, words are only as effective as they are actionable. Recognising this, Sabio Group's Nadja Janjic and Vincent Bezard illuminated the theories with live demonstrations, offering an exclusive sneak peek into the Genesys Cloud roadmap. The palpable excitement in the room was testament to the promise that these new features and functions hold for transforming the CX domain. 

A particularly captivating segment was the discussion around how integrations can bolster the contact centre. The conversation delved deep into MI to BI - simplifying extraction processes; the latest in time-off management tools; prioritising agent wellbeing; and setting out on an AI journey with Genesys. These are core elements of a modern contact centre, and the insight provided on them was invaluable. 

Then came a special keynote by Vicky Williams, Head of Digital Transformation at Benenden Health. She shared Benenden’s unique journey with Genesys, supported by Sabio, shedding light on the transformational changes, innovations, and challenges they faced. Their impressive stride in digital transformation has landed them a nomination at the esteemed ECCCSA awards in November, and hearing about their journey was both inspirational and instructive. 

But, of course, no event is complete without open dialogue, and the day rounded off with a roundtable discussion. This presented an opportunity for participants to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas about the future of CX. With representatives from major brands like British Airways, Rentokil Initial, and the ESP Group, the discussion was both diverse and illuminating, reflecting the multi-dimensional nature of CX today. 

Marc Donald, Business Development Manager at ESP Group, said: “Overall, the content on the day was excellent. I am new to Genesys, and so found this session very helpful.” Jeff Smith, Telecoms Analyst at Rentokil Initial, added: “I used to be heavily involved with other user groups so have always found events with other like-minded customers very useful.”  

About Sabio’s Community Days 

At the heart of Sabio's ethos is the belief in community.  

Sabio Community Days are more than just events; they are platforms, and their aim is to bring together practitioners aspiring to refine their expertise in their niche areas.  

Our primary goal with our Sabio Community Days is to ignite best practices, inspire innovative solutions and pave the way for members to construct networks with contemporaries from various sectors.  

By fostering this culture of learning, sharing, and growing, we believe that we can set new standards and drive the future of our industry.  

Contact us today to learn more about upcoming Sabio Community events as part of our ‘Inspire’ programme. 

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