Sabio’s first global ‘Hackathon’ event deemed a huge success

· Several teams from across the Sabio business took part in the three-day event

Sabio’s first global ‘Hackathon’ event deemed a huge success
  • Employees based across the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, India, Singapore and Malaysia involved
  • Hackathon ideas now set-to be incorporated into the company’s new ‘yet-to-be-launched' conversational AI management offering

Sabio Group’s recent ‘Hackathon’ event has been deemed a huge success by its organisers – with several emerging concepts now earmarked for inclusion in a new offering under development.

The three-day event, which followed this year’s theme of ‘No Brainer’, saw seven teams from across Sabio’s global business landscape competing against each other to win the coveted title of best hack – as well as a brand-new Bose Soundlink Revolve 11 speaker.

Entrants were tasked with ‘building, hacking or engineering’ a solution that could immediately be slotted in to Sabio’s capabilities, benefiting its 600+ client base.

Ali Miller, Head of Product Engineering at Sabio and one of the main organisers of the inaugural event, said: “For our first event of this size, entries were of exceptional quality and the teams really set the bar high for future competitions.

“Through the theme of ‘No Brainer’ - so something that just makes sense to do - we challenged participants to come up with a concept or solution that could be added to Sabio’s capabilities right away. Something obvious and very simple, but which would be hugely effective.

“The participants really stepped up to the mark – so much so that we are now looking to add several of their concepts to a new conversational AI offering that we are currently developing.”

The eventual winners of the competition – Team WTF (What the Frequency) - built a simple, yet effective, Dual Tone Multi-Function (DTMF) product which complements one of Sabio’s current partner offerings and has the potential to provide a valuable extra dimension to conversational AI voice solutions for a number of Sabio’s enterprise clients.

Damian Kelly, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Sabio, said: “This was a fantastic event which gave our teams an opportunity to apply their talent, skill and creativity and which culminated in some outstanding solutions being presented.

“The eventual winning team took on a genuinely complex technical challenge and delivered an extremely effective solution that we know our clients will value – and they had fun doing it!”

Damian added: “The Hackathon has earned a permanent place in our calendar and I’m already looking forward to the next one.  In the meantime, I want to thank all the teams for the cooperation, ingenuity and sheer hard work that made this year such a success.”

Congratulations to team What the Frequency (WTF) comprising of Jonathan Dilks, Hannah Swan, Callum Dunkely, Robin Youlton, Daniel Glover and Craig Loudon.

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