Top 10 take-aways from DISRUPT CX 2019

Empowering management teams with the CX insight needed.

Top 10 take-aways from DISRUPT CX 2019

At Sabio we’re focused on helping organisations to make the customer experiences they provide brilliant. Our recent DISRUPT CX 2019 conference in London brought this to life, with speakers from major brands and industry thought leaders sharing best practice on the need to keep re-inventing customer journeys to deliver brilliant experiences.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of the event insights, with more in-depth reports and videos. In the meantime, here’s our Top 10 DISRUPT CX 2019 Take-aways:

  1. “Today human progress is measured on the quality of our experiences. How much fun we’re having; how in control do we feel; how easy was it to accomplish a task. We call this the experience economy, where constant improvements make life run smoother and where disruption occurs when an organisation re-thinks how an experience can be delivered by identifying and completely removes friction from a process” – Stu Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio

  2. “Removing friction from the customer journey requires real understanding and insight. Unfortunately, almost all of the data we collect is focused on what the customer is doing, but very rarely why” – Alex Barker, Strategy & Experience Director, Sabio

  3. “People are made to have conversations, unfortunately most CX dialogues are still built around the traditional paper form. Conversational AI gives us the opportunity to throw away the form and give control back to the customer” – Steve Woodford, CTO, BGL Group

  4. “There’s still a disconnect between customer expectations and the speed that organisations are able to deliver the changes they need to match customer demands. Too many brands are still delivering ‘meh zone’ experiences” – Joana van den Brink, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

  5. “When it comes to delivering a joined-up customer experience, without KPIs you’re flying blind. With total non-successful digital self-service currently running at around 27%, the optimisation opportunities here are immense” – Matt Dyer, Head of Sabio Digital

  6. “Sabio does a great job of bringing cloud value to the customer, linking up all the different CX dots to ensure that organisations achieve their strategic business outcomes” – Fadi Moubarak, VP – Channels, Avaya International Innovation Officer

  7. “Once you’ve determined your long-term customer engagement strategy it becomes a lot easier to determine exactly what type of cloud CX platform will deliver the best outcomes for your business” – James Hughes, Head of Solutions, Sabio

  8. “Conversations are still powerful, particularly when it involves resolving complex queries; therefore people can be the differentiator. The key opportunity is to make the business more accessible to customers in the moments that matter the most, whilst increasing efficiency, removing avoidable contacts and driving value for both the customer and the business” – James Leech, Head of Contact Centre Transformation

  9. “When it comes to delivering on CX you guys have to get everything right – price, product, convenience, context and trust – and your organisation also has to demonstrate the right ethics as well as being a cool brand” – Marije Gould, VP of Marketing EMEA, Verint Systems

  10. “Organisations are getting much better at collecting customer feedback, but less good at turning it into insight and acting on it. For companies to move to VOC maturity they need to have a robust closed loop process and be able to quantify the value of improvements” – Simon Thorpe, Head of Insight, Sabio

We’ll be sharing further Disrupt CX 2019 content over the coming weeks, and we’re holding our Disrupt CX 2019 Madrid event later this month.

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