Unravelling WFM Solutions and Innovations: A Day at Sabio's Workforce Management Community Event

It's no secret that workforce management (WFM) is at the core of effective business operations.

Unravelling WFM Solutions and Innovations: A Day at Sabio's Workforce Management Community Event

So, if you're a planning, insight, or transformation specialist, then Sabio's WFM Community Day, held at our London HQ, was a must-attend event.  

The session – launched as part of Sabio’s new ‘Inspire’ programme - drew delegates from a gamut of industries, with attendees from the likes of the Royal College of Nursing, DHL Express, NewDay, LV=, Emovis, Flutter Entertainment, Benenden Healthcare, and British Airways connecting, discussing challenges, and exploring innovative solutions. 

Sabio’s Expert Insights 

Jim Fleming, WFM Specialist Architect at Sabio, laid the groundwork for the day with an emphasis on maximising WFM solutions. He said: “Getting the most from your WFM tool isn't just about software; it's about the strategic alignment of operational processes and resources to meet overall business objectives.” 

The resources he was referring to were, of course, the likes of demand forecasting, scheduling, reporting and analysis and capacity planning, with the need for organisations to focus on these processes to unlock the benefits of mature WFM solutions that have either yet to be unearthed or forgotten about completely. 

Scott Doherty, WFM Consultant at Sabio, elaborated on this, stating: “Every operation and every organisation is different — what works for one business won't necessarily work for another.” His remark resonated with the day’s overall theme, highlighting the need for a tailored approach to planning and resourcing. 

Sabio’s WFM specialist team were completed by Paul McCluskey and Gabe Mitri, both also highly experienced WFM Consultants at Sabio. 

They facilitated an open roundtable discussion, inviting some of the largest brands in the country to talk through their WFM challenges and successes to date – before splitting into dedicated Verint and Genesys user groups for a more targeted session. 

WFM Success at DHL Express 

Of note was Iain Mcfarlane of DHL Express’ segment about their WFM optimisation journey with Sabio, shedding light on their specific challenges and how Sabio’s WFM Optimisation programme and complementary expertise helped transform their operations. 

Jim added: “Most organisations do not realise the full potential that exists within their Resource Planning functions. 

“What we do at Sabio, and what we did for DHL, was provide a proven methodology that supported and upskilled their Planning team to ensure they created and executed resource plans that achieved maximum benefit and efficiency.  

“The work we did led to improved employee and customer experiences, as well a proven return on investment for DHL – with the project having since been extended to other DHL sites across Europe.” 

The Sabio Community 

Sabio Community Days aim to bring together practitioners looking to develop expertise within their specialist area. The goal is to inspire best practice and help members build networks with like-minded people from other organisations – and our WFM Community Day was a resounding success on that front. 

“It's not just about doing things right; it's about doing the right things. And at our WFM Community Day we talked about both,” Paul McCluskey concluded

Speaking after the event, Jamie Campbell, Resource Planning Manager at LV=, said: “What was great about the event was that it wasn’t evangelical about a certain way of working but acknowledged the need for bespoke solutions to operational requirements.” DHL’s Iain McFarlane added: “I enjoyed the session and have made a new network of people I can query and question ways of working moving forward.” Meanwhile, Colin Evered, Lead IT Business Analyst at British Airways stated: “I was genuinely unaware there was such a large difference between the various WFM tools on the market, and following the event I feel like we are not fully utilising our WFM tool that we have in place.” 

For planning, insight, or transformation specialists in the WFM realm, Sabio's Community Day was more than just an event — it was an investment in learning, networking, and future-proofing their operations. 

If you’re looking to optimise forecasting and scheduling processes, achieve tighter configuration and capability to improve the efficiency of your contact centre, then get in touch with Sabio today. 

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