What is Sabio Network Services?

So who are Sabio Network Services and what do they provide? We posed some questions to Paul Betteridge, SNS (Sabio Network Services) Billing and Operations Manager, to find out more...

What is Sabio Network Services?

James – What is Sabio Network Services?

Paul – Within Sabio we have a team of specialists focused purely on network services to provide expert advice, management and billing. When developing Sabio Network Services the intention was always to replicate how Sabio is positioned in the market, as a leading Systems Integrator and ensure this focus and approach was extended to the network services area.

James – So, as a Network Integrator, what are the benefits of working with you?

Paul – As a Systems and Network integrator, we take responsibility of our customer’s communications from the PSTN [Public Switched Telephone Network] all the way through to the delivery of a call. The teams’ extensive knowledge, skills and experience, at all stages of the journey, provide customers with a reliable and effective starting point to build their contact centre and unified communications services.

James – They sound like great benefits. So I’m interested to know, where does SIP trunking come into play – how do Sabio Network Services help customers?

Paul – SIP trunks offer customers a cost effective, reliable and flexible foundation to support their communications strategy. The key to leveraging the benefits of SIP trunking is the provider’s ability to understand SIP technology and how to apply it. Sabio are SIP experts because we adopted the technology very early in our labs. This in house capability allows our customers to take full advantage of the benefits of SIP.

James – Can you give us an example?

Paul – Well… Sabio Network Services enable our customers to boost their SIP channels within an SLA of 4 hours, subject to available circuit bandwidth. To request a change all that is needed is a simple phone call or email into the Sabio Network Services team. We know the pain points that customers experience and we purposely design solutions and services which make a difference. We ensure customers can take advantage of the flexibility designed into the technology; if you can’t leverage that flexibility – what’s the point!

James – So the technology is important, but would you agree that the service wrap and management is critical?

Paul – Absolutely! Through advancements such as SIP, technologies are becoming more integrated than ever before, organisations are rationalising their technology, centralising core services to reduce overheads and costly management. The real value is working with the right Systems and Network Services Provider who understands the integration between the core products and the effect of one element on another. That’s why our specialists are trained across all technologies – this is so that they can troubleshoot and provide advice at each point along the technical chain.

James – What else does Sabio Network Services offer?

Paul – In addition to our SIP capabilities we offer data connectivity, inbound number hosting and ISDN services. We can also offer bespoke services such as hosting or providing both geographic and freephone numbers in most countries allowing our customers to provide a local presence worldwide, and moving that call back to the UK. Across all of our services, we aim to reduce complexity through transparent and open communication with customers plus we make our billing and engagement as simple as possible.

James – So are you able to offer customised billing?

Paul – Yes we can offer several options for your invoices ranging from cost centre billing to flexible payment periods. We have several reports that can be provided off the shelf and have the tools to create bespoke reports to fit your needs.

James – That sounds great. So number porting….I hear that this can be quite complex?

Paul – Yes it is one of the most complex areas we deal with however we have a proven methodology and process for completing large number ports which requires little involvement or investment of time from customer resources. Sabio’s team in conjunction with our suppliers dedicated porting team, have years of experience in managing the migration all kinds of porting projects from small single circuit ISDN’s and PSTN’s to porting huge number ranges split across several ISDN circuits, to managing the migration of several thousand NGN’s.

James – So if I were a customer looking to reduce cost, risk and complexity what would you advise?

Paul – Well the best advice I can offer is to gather as much data as you can around your telephony spend and analyse it. Even better, collect the data and leverage Sabio Network Service’s experience to analyse it for you. Simply moving to a SIP service could dramatically reduce both tangible and intangible costs while improving reliability and resilience.

James – So how much can you reduce a customer’s cost?

Paul – We’ve been able to reduce customers spend by over 35% while simplifying the solution, increasing resilience and reducing management overheads. We’ve saved our customers over half million pounds in the last year! The most beneficial scenario to consider is for those customers who have multiple branch sites with local ISDN connectivity. Consolidating connectivity to the core/main location can reduce costs while increasing management control during a disaster or outage. I would also suggest that customers consider converging SIP and internet services into an active/passive or load balanced SIP service. The cost benefits are significant, it’s a no brainer really.

James – You mentioned that Sabio could do the analysis for customers? If so what do they need to send Sabio in order for your team to work through the detail?

Paul – To quote on SIP we require the location(s) where you would like to host the SIP circuit(s) including postcode, maximum concurrent call usage and the date your contract expires. To provide details around the full depth of potential savings we can offer then we also require a copy of your most recent phone bill identifying the ISDN rental charges and at least one month’s recent outbound call data. From these we can provide you with a detailed report identifying the total saving possible for both your rental and call spend, giving you a commercial breakdown that encompasses your entire estate, and allows you to see the savings we have to offer.

James – Well thank you very much for your time today Paul, it’s been great hearing more about Sabio Network Services.

To find out how you could be saving on your telephony costs contact us today and the Sabio Network Services team will be happy help. Email [email protected] or call 0344 412 3000.

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