Building actionable insight into daily life

Building actionable insight into daily life

As one of the UK’s leading housing associations, Notting Hill Genesis own or manage around 36,000 homes across London and the east of England. Its stock portfolio includes a range of properties, from temporary housing to rented homes, homes for sale, and supported housing.

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The Challenge

A clear strategic goal for Notting Hill Genesis is to improve the level of resident satisfaction. However, when a new customer insight team was assembled, they quickly established that some basic metrics of operational performance were lacking.

The Solution

After investigating the contact centre solutions market, the customer insight team decided to engage with Sabio Insight to provide an overarching view of the entire customer service operation.

The Results

Over the last seven months, as a direct impact of this holistic approach:

  • Customer satisfaction with how specific services had been provided has increased by up to 10%
  • Performance has improved in more than 80% of customer service measures
  • The average time to answer a call has decreased from 100 to 80 seconds
  • 10% increase in efficiency in calls per agent per day
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