HomeServe UK utilises AI & automation to transform customer journeys

HomeServe UK utilises AI & automation to transform customer journeys

HomeServe is an international home repairs and improvements business that provides residents with access to tradespeople and technology to help them run their homes more easily.


The Challenge

With HomeServe UK receiving millions of voice contacts each year, the company was keen to unlock potential productivity and efficiency gains. However, it was determined that any operational optimisation programme would not have any negative impact on the Customer experience.

The Solution

Working with Sabio, HomeServe UK has supported Customers with a lifelike conversational AI solution featuring state-of-the-art virtual agents. Sabio took advantage of Google Cloud and Google’s Dialogflow solution power, integrating them with technology from Twilio, Looker and its own Sabio Airline.

The Results

Since initially deploying conversational AI in its claims operation, HomeServe UK has achieved impressive results, including:

  • Providing a simpler and quicker experience for Customers, with typical interactions taking just 60 seconds
  • Gaining new levels of CX insight, with Sabio’s conversational AI solution categorising up to 150 separate Customer intents – 20x more than HomeServe UK’s previous automated IVR
  • Demonstrating conversational AI’s ability to handle intensive transactional interactions, with 85% of customers entering the AI successfully completing the process
  • Rapid deployment and the ability to make changes in minutes rather than days should prove an important differentiator for HomeServe UK
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