Lifeplus uses customer satisfaction insights to maintain Bright Index top 25% position

Lifeplus uses customer satisfaction insights to maintain Bright Index top 25% position

Lifeplus is a different kind of business. It is an international referral marketing company supplying high quality nutritional supplements and organic skin care along with a practical, common-sense approach to wellbeing known as the ‘Lifeplus formula’. Lifeplus was founded in 1992 when its founders recognised the need for a more holistic approach to wellness and nutritional support.

The Opportunity

Lifeplus sought Bright’s guidance on how to maintain great customer satisfaction after change. The company wanted to invest in its people and infrastructure, demonstrating its commitment to their values and principles to keep people at the heart of everything they do.

The Solution

Bright recommended that Lifeplus use the Bright Index to benchmark against other UK companies that also have great customer service. Lifeplus used Bright Navigator, the CSAT tool, to guide its progress while the company continued to grow and focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

The Results

  • Lifeplus maintains great customer service, sitting in the top 25% of the Bright Index after growth
  • CSAT increased from 85% to 95% and CSA colleague churn is lower than the industry average
  • The insights helped Lifeplus focus on its unique culture during transformation and the development of the team’s knowledge and skills.

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