loveholidays uses Twilio Flex to Improve Agent Productivity by 20%

loveholidays uses Twilio Flex to Improve Agent Productivity by 20%

loveholidays is one of the UK’s fastest growing online travel agencies, offering custom package holidays to families, couples and friends. The COVID outbreak has caused monumental upheaval within the travel industry globally.

The Challenge

For over four months, travel agencies like loveholidays have been forced to refocus their customer service agents from bookings onto cancellations. Record numbers of queries have been coming in from anxious customers, all while social distancing rules necessitate a remote working contact centre model.

The Solution

loveholidays needed to update their on-premise solution to a cloud-based platform so that their agents could work from home. Selecting Twilio Flex provided an immediate fix to their most immediate obstacle of getting loveholidays agents up and running remotely.

The Results

Thanks to the single user interface of Flex, the loveholidays customer service team has seen an increase in agent productivity by 20%.

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