Lovehoney: Creating a Global, Omnichannel Customer Care Contact Centre

Established in Bath in 2002, Lovehoney is a market-leading pleasure products brand. Its focus on exceptional product innovation, customer service and marketing has placed Lovehoney at the forefront of developments in the sexual wellbeing market.

Lovehoney: Creating a Global, Omnichannel Customer Care Contact Centre


Lovehoney’s rapid growth together with the recent mergers and acquisitions strained the capabilities of their existing contact centre infrastructure. Their tools (telephony, chat, ticketing) were operating in silos, causing disconnected customer experiences and frustration to the customer care team that was not having the full picture of the customer interactions readily available.


Lovehoney engaged Sabio Group and its specialist Salesforce CRM consultancy, makepositive, to support them in the move away from their existing solutions, helping to implement Salesforce Service Cloud Voice (SCV) and Amazon Connect for their telephony, and Salesforce Einstein to replace their Chatbot.


Sabio and makepositive were able to deliver a scalable, future-proofed Salesforce solution that empowers Lovehoney’s growth ambitions for 2022 and beyond, ahead of their ‘peak season’:

  1. Enhanced the ROI from their Salesforce investment by integrating Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Chatbot with Service Cloud
  2. Improved experience for both advisors and customers across channels
  3. Improved telephony and chatbot performance, meaning advisors have more time to focus on the customers’ needs and their own personal development
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