MyVoice - Vodafone's Voicebot with its own Personality

MyVoice project has redefined Vodafone's Voicebot and made it more customer-oriented, intelligible and empathetic.

We have designed and implemented different personalities in the project to offer a better customer service.

MyVoice - Vodafone's Voicebot with its own Personality


For this project, we used the Voice Persona methodology, designed for virtual assistants. This methodology has a predesigned set of personalities such as Maternal, Warm or Millennial, which must be adapted to the type of client. 


This project was carried out within Vodafone’s global rebranding effort. In this process, the company was interested in understanding the impact that automated interfaces (voice and text) have in customer experience and the total absorption that the automatic system will be able to achieve, an important fact, because it manages more than 100 million interactions per year.


  • The project has managed to improve customer satisfaction by 35% of the TNPS (voice channel NPS). In addition, it has achieved an improvement in absorption of 3%.
  • It has allowed us to understand how the ergonomics of the application, its personality and the use of different voices and registers, affect customer satisfaction.
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