Network Homes - Exceed CSAT targets, Improve Agent Utilisation & Increase Employee Engagement

Network Homes - Exceed CSAT targets, Improve Agent Utilisation & Increase Employee Engagement

Since 1974, Network Homes has been acquiring and building homes for affordable rent across London helping individuals and families from all walks of life.

In 2016 the business restructured, bringing four distinct housing associations together under a single organisation. With that came a new approach to customer service.

The Challenge

The vision was 90% CSAT by 2021 and to get Best Companies accreditation. Network Homes needed to use the insight to change behaviours, improve processes and focus on what was important to the customer.

The Solution

Network Homes introduced Bright Index to benchmark its performance metrics. They also deployed Bright Navigator to monitor ongoing Customer Satisfaction. In addition, Bright Employee Engagement was implemented to understand how the employees were feeling.

The Results

  • CSAT consistently exceeds 90% in the contact centre
  • There is a strong correlation between empathy and general satisfaction of 0.87
  • NPS increased by 12 points within a year and advisor utilisation improved by 12%
  • Employee engagement survey leads to Best Companies 1 Star accreditation, with an overall 10% increase in employee engagement

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