Vodafone improves its Customer Experience thanks to Sabio

Vodafone, one of Spain’s leading telecommunication firms, was able to improve the experience of its clients in the Professional and Small companies segment thanks to a consultancy project in which Sabio used its know-how and experience to capitalise on the Verint Speech Analytics solution.

Vodafone has been working with Sabio for over two years to increase user satisfaction across a range of stages and products.

Vodafone improves its Customer Experience thanks to Sabio


One of Vodafone’s main objectives with this project was to explore what customers think about the company, what their needs are and what is most important to them.


“Customer Experience has been transformed and improved,” says Juan Manuel. “We have amalgamated several platforms into a single service composed of highly qualified teams managing portfolios of customers. This means that each customer has their own team assigned to them to meet all of their needs. Our customer service is based on four key elements: peace of mind, trust, attentiveness and assessment.


  • In the Professional and Small companies customer project, a 27% improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) was achieved. This metric takes into account customer loyalty based on recommendations.
  • Furthermore, the percentage of calls resolved during the first interaction – First Call Resolution (FCR) – improved 5%, whilst the number of calls made by customers – Frequency of Contacts (FOC) – fell by 36%.
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