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CX needs UX – Designing for Voice and Digital


When it comes to distinguishing how people actually perceive and respond to your products and services, it’s important that organisations understand the key differences between the Customer Experience (CX) and the User Experience (UX).

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Looking forward to Sabio’s ‘The Art of CX Conference’ being held at the Blue Fin Venue on London’s Southbank this Thursday, I’ll be discussing how CX and UX are often used interchangeably as terms – but suggesting they are different and CX really needs a strong UX component if it’s to succeed.

I’ll be looking specifically at how designing a great User Experience is essential, because it’s often the poor UX elements that end up leading to disjointed customer journey.

For example, as a consumer, I may have a bad user experience because the website I’m engaging with is confusing. Perhaps it was too jargon-heavy, or maybe it didn’t signal clearly what I was meant to do next – either way the communication was poor. The result is that I may end up taking the wrong action, or having to make multiple calls or send a number of e-mails in order to resolve my query. Now I may end up having a good customer experience because I eventually get through to a helpful agent with access to all the answers I need, but the initial bad UX that first triggered my problem will keep on doing the same to potentially thousands of other users.

That’s why at Sabio we subscribe to User Centered Design, I believe that the best-designed products and services result from a deep understanding of the needs of those people who actually use them. That’s why customer journeys are never just about the latest technology or branding – they actually have to start off with user research, use case generation, strong design, a focus on how the human/computer interface impacts the interaction, and the right kind of content. It should then regularly be tested and evaluated to react to changes in behaviour and user needs. Only when all these critical UX disciplines are applied can your CX team really get to work!

Bringing all these UX and CX elements together demands that your UX is not only aligned with technology, but also that the overall CX offered also maps on to your evolving marketing and sales strategies. At our ‘The Art of CX Conference’ we’ll be examining all aspects of the UX/CX relationship.

Watch the replay of my talk “Why CX needs UX” here



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