Empowering Voices: VoiceAbility Ushers in New Era of Digital Communication with Sabio Group

VoiceAbility, a leading voice and rights charity supporting vulnerable people for over forty years, has partnered with customer experience experts Sabio Group to implement innovative Amazon Connect and Salesforce technologies.  

Empowering Voices: VoiceAbility Ushers in New Era of Digital Communication with Sabio Group

This digital transformation project has enhanced VoiceAbility’s communication capabilities, improving efficiency and empowering the charity to better serve its clients. 

The 13-week implementation overseen by Sabio seamlessly integrated Amazon Connect with the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Experience Cloud platforms. 

Paul Harding, Commercial Director for Sabio’s Salesforce Practice, said: “VoiceAbility handles incredibly sensitive cases on a daily basis. Their previous telephony system was deemed no longer fit for purpose and so they wanted to implement leading-edge solutions from a trusted partner who understood their ethos – Sabio ticked those boxes. 

“With integrated voice, chat and voicemail functionality, single sign-on security, and AI-powered analytics, VoiceAbility can now detect caller sentiment, spot trends and respond faster to deliver more meaningful support.” 

In a recently published case study by Sabio, key features of the project included: 

  • Intelligent voicemail routing and transcription for quick, context-rich responses 

  • Callback queue buster to promptly return calls, improving customer service 

  • Voice automation flows with caller history for personalised conversations 

  • Sentiment analysis providing insights into emotions behind calls 

  • Custom caller ID mapping attuned to individual needs 

  • Enhanced disaster recovery protocols ensuring uninterrupted service 

  • Powerful cloud-based reporting for data-driven decisions 

Danny Seaborne, Managing Director the UK & South Africa at Sabio Group, added: “We're delighted to collaborate with forward-thinking partners like VoiceAbility.  

“With niche expertise across customer engagement technologies, we understand the unique requirements of non-profits managing sensitive communications. This implementation showcases the immense potential of human-centric digital transformation to drive meaningful progress.” 

The switch has already shown tremendous results for VoiceAbility, including: 

  • 5% increase in service level performance 

  • 20 second reduction in average handling times 

  • Faster reporting for real-time operational adjustments 

  • 50% less staff turnover owing to simplified systems 

  • Enhanced staff onboarding and training capabilities 

As VoiceAbility continues its ambitious mission of inclusive societal change, this new chapter of intuitive, integrated communication promises more efficient operations and deeper human connections - ultimately translating to better lives for the people they serve. 

You can read Sabio and Voiceability’s case study in full here
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