Game-Changer: AI Helps Busby Girls Take Their Game to the Next Level

The Busby Girls Football Club is taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to take their game to the next level. 

Game-Changer: AI Helps Busby Girls Take Their Game to the Next Level

In a new sponsorship agreement with Sabio Group, the digital experience transformation services specialist, Busby has invested in innovative Veo camera technology to help analyse and improve player performance. 

“We are extremely grateful to Sabio for their generous sponsorship," said Gary Dickson, Head of Women & Girls Division at Busby Girls Football Club. "This technology will be a game-changer, providing our players with insights to help take their skills and understanding of the game to the next level.” 

Rather than focusing on traditional training equipment, the sponsorship from Sabio – a global tech firm which has a major operation in Glasgow - is enabling Busby Girls to leverage analytics and AI for both performance improvement and personal development. 

This is achieved through the Veo camera technology, which is an innovative video analysis system designed specifically for grassroots football. The cameras record training sessions and matches, then use AI to track and analyse each player's movements, skills, and team interactions. The system generates personalised video clips and insights for coaches and players to review, helping identify strengths to build on as well as areas needing improvement. 

“At Sabio, we specialise in creating human-centred, AI-powered digital experiences for our customers, complemented by our unique methodology and deep technical expertise," said Mark Betts, Chief Experience Officer at Sabio. “We are very aware, also, of our responsibilities to the local communities that surround our many global offices. We felt that this was an outstanding and unique opportunity to support Busby Girls on this project; one that merges innovative technology with sporting ambition that will benefit hundreds of young people at the same time. 

“It aligns perfectly with our company values. I hope the introduction of AI and data analytics will continue to nurture Busby’s young talent on and off the pitch for many years to come.” 

Based in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Busby Girls was established just over a year ago but already has over 160 active players and 24 volunteers. The club focuses on empowering young girls through football, with the motto ‘Inspiring Girls One Goal at a Time.’ 

“The support from Sabio will allow us to utilise technology like never before,” said Ali Miller, Head Coach Under 14’s at Busby Girls. “Having access to detailed stats and performance analysis will help us improve skills and take our game to new heights.” 

Busby Girls has already been making great strides, having been nominated for Scottish Power's Sustainable Club of the Year in 2023.  

By investing in the potential of young players, both Sabio and Busby Girls are committed to elevating women's grassroots football and creating opportunities through technology and innovation. 

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