Healthcare Mutual, Benenden Health, Transforms Member Experience with Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform

Benenden Health, a not-for-profit healthcare mutual, has transformed its member experience through a cloud-based digital transformation project with Sabio Group.

Healthcare Mutual, Benenden Health, Transforms Member Experience with Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform

Powered by Genesys Cloud and supported by Sabio, Benenden’s solution equips them with next-generation capabilities to connect with members across digital channels and deliver a more personalised, efficient service. 

Founded in 1905, Benenden offers affordable healthcare cover to over 860,000 members. As the organisation has expanded, its member base has grown more diverse – now spanning wider age groups and incorporating more corporate customers. 

To adapt to changing member needs, Benenden sought to upgrade its customer contact infrastructure. Goals included supporting multi-channel engagement, tapping member data for personalisation, and integrating systems across the business to smooth hand-offs. 

After selecting Sabio Group as its transformation partner, Benenden implemented the Genesys Cloud CX platform, consolidating interactions whether via phone, email, chat, text or social media and providing a unified member view. 

In a recent case study published by Sabio, Benenden Health can now roll out digital innovations to match member preferences. 

Early results have validated Benenden's cutting-edge CX strategy, with the healthcare provider reporting: 

  • Member satisfaction scores have climbed above 8.8 out of 10 

  • 73% of new members now join through digital channels 

  • Advisors have more time to resolve complex issues 

  • Data sharing between the society and hospital enables better coordination 

  • Moving to the cloud has reduced IT costs and eliminated dependency on legacy systems 

David Spencer, Senior Project Manager at Benenden Health, said: “Working with a specialist CX partner like Sabio has given us the insights needed to optimise our Genesys Cloud deployment.  

“Innovations such as the Benenden Health App and our chatbot will help to grow our self-service capabilities and these interactions are fully integrated with our core Genesys platform so that our advisors always have visibility of the full, end-to-end member journey.  

“It’s this consistent access to the right data and insights that’s helping us to deliver an improved performance for members – while also helping us to make informed choices when it comes to considering future changes and what’s going to have the best impact for the business.” 

With its new omnichannel approach, Benenden Health is poised to continue adapting as member expectations evolve – ensuring the mutual remains an affordable, accessible healthcare option now and into the future. 

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